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  1. Hi Guido, again thank you very much. Your links were for the Machiatobin which is Armada 8040 - the Espressobin is using 3720. However it gave me enough food for thought to sucessfully compile Ubuntu 14.04. LTS with it. Just a short write up how it worked out for others and my later me: 1. Compile Kernel Image and DTB - latest supported Kernel is 4.4.8 https://web.archive.org/web/20210307141251/http://wiki.espressobin.net/tiki-index.php?page=Build+From+Source+-+Kernel 2. Fix Errors during compilation /usr/bin/ld: scripts/dtc/dtc-parser.tab.o:(.bss+0x10): multiple definition of `yylloc'; scripts/dtc/dtc-lexer.lex.o:(.bss+0x0): first defined here sed -i 's/^YYLTYPE yylloc;$/extern YYLTYPE yylloc;/' scripts/dtc/dtc-lexer.l sed -i 's/^YYLTYPE yylloc;$/extern YYLTYPE yylloc;/' scripts/dtc/dtc-lexer.lex.c https://web.archive.org/save/https://forum.0cd.xyz/t/building-u-boot-for-the-espressobin/511 3. Prepare Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS to boot from SDCard https://web.archive.org/save/http://wiki.espressobin.net/tiki-index.php?page=Boot+from+removable+storage+-+Ubuntu DONE
  2. Hi eveyone, I am coming from a a hint off Github here: https://github.com/armbian/documentation/issues/165. Igor was so kind and redirected me to this community. I am struggling since beginning christmas to get my EspressoBin to latest versions out of dusty 2018 images. Device EspressoBin v7 DDR4 1G 1000_800Mhz Baseline - What did I do? - Update U-Boot according https://www.armbian.com/espressobin to devel-18.12.3 - Flashed SD-Card with armbian Focal via Balena according https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Getting-Started/ - Updated Boot Environment according https://www.armbian.com/espressobin/#kernels-archive-all Problem Description - U-Boot Loads and starts over to boot from SD-Card - Booting from SD fails with Marvell>> boot *** ERROR: serverip' not set *** ERROR: serverip' not set Bad Linux ARM64 Image magic! I would be very grateful for any hints how to get armbian booted on the EspressoBin in 2022! Happy Holidays to all. cheers Full Logs U-Boot 2018.03-devel-18.12.3-gc9aa92ce70-armbian (Sep 18 2020 - 10:07:21 +0200) Model: Marvell Armada 3720 Community Board ESPRESSOBin CPU 1000 [MHz] L2 800 [MHz] TClock 200 [MHz] DDR 800 [MHz] DRAM: 1 GiB Comphy chip #0: Comphy-0: USB3 5 Gbps Comphy-1: PEX0 2.5 Gbps Comphy-2: SATA0 6 Gbps SATA link 0 timeout. AHCI 0001.0300 32 slots 1 ports 6 Gbps 0x1 impl SATA mode flags: ncq led only pmp fbss pio slum part sxs PCIE-0: Link up MMC: sdhci@d0000: 0 Loading Environment from SPI Flash... SF: Detected mx25u3235f with page size 256 Bytes, erase size 64 KiB, total 4 MiB OK Model: Marvell Armada 3720 Community Board ESPRESSOBin Net: eth0: neta@30000 [PRIME] https://github.com/armbian/documentation/issues/165
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