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  1. Hi, have you tried this way to boot Armbian directly? https://wiki.stationpc.com/docs/stationpc/armbian
  2. Hi, sorry for your bad experience. We have updated new images and tutorials. Please refer to https://www.stationpc.com/download And you can check out our Wiki - https://wiki.stationpc.com/docs/stationpc
  3. Hey friends, We recommend you all to boot other systems from SD card. We will publish tutorials continuously. Please stay tuned! Thank you for all your support!
  4. Hey! The shipping fee on indiegogo is greatly reduced by $20 USD averagely! 7 more Asian countries enjoy free shipping.
  5. Station P2 is on @indiegogo now! Get the new powerful open-source geek computer with a good price. https://igg.me/at/stationp2
  6. Hey guys! It's the last day to join the M1 giveaway. https://www.stationpc.com/thread-126-1-1.html Good luck to you all.
  7. So nice of you to let others know that there's another giveaway.
  8. Firefly has a new giveaway now. Valid date is 12.18-1.9. I think you must be interested in it. https://www.stationpc.com/thread-126-1-1.html
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