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  1. Ok, understood. I updated the kernel to the newest version (5.8.16) and it seems it is ok now (till now three days without issues).
  2. @Igor I don't quite understand You answer, is the driver you linked different than the one supplied with the armbian image for nanopi neo ?
  3. Hi, I have edimax ac600 usb wifi dongle which uses 88XXau driver. I have a problem that after couple of hours/days wifi stops working. No errors in dmesg, dont have any other logs since after wifi goeas down, journal is flooded with error messages from snapclient and older logs are lost. After connecting trough ethernet I cannot see any issues with he wifi accept that it does not see any networks, iwlist scan gives no results. rfkill is disabled. Reloading the 88XXau driver makes iwlist scan return some results but still cannot connect to my router. only restart of the board helps.