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  1. I can't pinpoint the cause of the freeze exactly, but it shows as follows in syslog: At midnight, logrotate was started but never successfully concluded. At the time, I was also recording a stream via smb to the hdd. (Not a very demanding activity) When I tried to access the SBC via network share or ssh this morning, neither would show as available. The SBC was running but "dead". When I rebooted it by re-plugging power, instead of showing ~9:00 o'clock, the SBCs internal clock showed 02:17. Here are the last messages of the syslog before the SBC locked up: I should note that the SBC has been running 24/7 stable for weeks. There have been more hardware demanding tasks running without issue.
  2. Ah cheers.. I've been thinking about switching to testing altogether, but with that one exception, Buster is working very well. Maybe I'll find someone at Debian or Debian Backports to hassle about this.
  3. Hi Guys, Big fan of Armbian. I've used it on an old Cubieboard2, and recently I've built a NAS with Odroid-HC2 and am using it there too. This is the first opportunity I've had trying transmission-daemon on Linux with a 'real' workload of several hundred torrents. And as it turns out good old'n'stable Transmission 2.9x has a memory leak. It uses ~45 MB on Windows, and ~45 MB on Linux with v.3.0 from testing. But v.2.94 has climbed steadily from 50 MB up to ~350 MB within several days of use. This is a known issue ( that affects and has been affecting Debian stable. Memory leaks were plugged in 3.0 as per the changelog. Older Transmission is therefore not usable for high uptime use and has to be restarted periodically. And since NAS and torrent stuff is a big sell for SBCs and Armbian in general I think having a version that does not eat your memory would be very good.