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  1. That was very kind of you, thank you! I have finally found the problem after hours of looking up for documentation and retries. I had the idea to take a PC monitor and plug the RockPro64 on it to see what kind of error it could throw, and work from there : Uboot seem to boot only on the first SATA drive of the list : I had a SATA card with 4 ports, I plugged my SDD in the port 1 and my two other drives in the 3 and 4. Uboot does not like BTRFS. Once I have plugged the SSD on the port 1, I had a initramfs error, so I went again in armbian-config, used the "Boot from SPI - System on SATA" option, and this time I chosed Ext4 instead of BTRFS. It's working now. I could have found a way to put only the /boot on an Ext4 partition and the system on BTRFS, but I have lost too much time and I'm gettting lazy, so I'll just leave it that way, Ext4 is perfectly fine anyway. Thanks for you help !
  2. Sorry, the forum limits me to 1 comment every once in a while, I couldn't answer earlier. @soerenderfor I did use a Samsung SD Card ( https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Class-Micro-Adapter-MB-MC32GA/dp/B0749KG1JK/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=samsung%2Bsd%2B32gb&qid=1607026358&sr=8-3&th=1 ). I did flash the u-boot-flash-spi-rockpro64.img.xz using those instructions : https://github.com/sigmaris/u-boot/wiki/Flashing-U-Boot-to-SPI I even waited an extra 5 minutes afterwards before rebooting just to be sure. I also tried Sigmaris' 2020.10 uboot version, and asked for help there : https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=8685&pid=84734#pid84734 Just to be sure : you are currently booting from SPI directly to a SATA drive, not from EMMC, right?
  3. @soerenderfor Sorry for double commenting, I misused the @ function in my first message
  4. Hi @soerenderfor, can you explain a bit further the process? I downloaded the u-boot-flash-spi-rockpro64 from there : https://github.com/ayufan-rock64/linux-mainline-u-boot/releases/tag/2020.01-ayufan-2014-gff2cdd38 I downloaded the last release of armbian for RockPro64. Then : -Flash u-boot - Install armbian then use armbian-config to move the system to my Sata SSD (Boot from SPI - System on SATA) - Still in armbian-config, I accepted/declined the option to update the bootloader in the SPI flash I did those three in every order, flashing first then installing, installing then flashing, accepting the update to the bootloader in armbian-config, then declining it... Leaving the bootloader on the SD card does works ("Boot from SD - System on SATA" in Armbian-config), but I can get my RockPro64 to boot directly from the SATA SSD. What am I doing wrong / What did you do exactly to make it work?