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  1. To give some feedback after more than one month of operation: The reboot problem did not happen again after using the overlay. For me, the problem is solved as for now. I recommend every user with similar problems, just post your serial output in new threads in the forum, and contact support if the board admins advise it. Great support from Kobol, thank you.
  2. Support contacted me and gave me an armbian overlay, the first reboot did work without problems. I will observe further, but for now it looks good.
  3. Any idea on how to solve this? Maybe the board is defect and needs to be repaired / exchanged within warranty?
  4. Unfortunately today I had several reboots with the same problem again. MMC did not initialize, always with the same error -110. What can be the problem then?
  5. No, both P10 and P11 are not shortened. After upgrade to kernel 5.9.14 I haven't experienced the same problem so far, but this were only a handful of reboots. Also the initialization errors were not in the kernel logs so far. I will post an update if it happens again.
  6. That did the trick getting kernel messages. The boot hangs somewhere after md0 is found: After that - nothing is happening.
  7. Today is public holiday so I had a little bit of time to check some things. I today needed to reboot several times with the reboot button, before the system came up. The serial console stopped always at "Starting kernel ..." The system LED stays blue, the hard disks spin up and each LED flashes a few times, then all attached disks flash together 5-6 times. Then all HDD LEDs stay blue. The LAN LED does not show up. When pressing the reboot button the console instantly outputs some messages, and the new boot sequence starts. Then again all LEDs stay blue and nothing happens (at "Starting kernel ..."). In the log itself there are a few messages that I think are not relevant, but I'll attach them here:
  8. One success discovered today: Using a windows machine with FTDI drivers and Putty brings console output, I can now explore further when there are reboots that do not bring the system up.
  9. During installing Helios64 with the latest image I experienced several times that the system did not come up. Now that it is fully installed with OMV enabled, I sometimes do a reboot, and the system does not come up. Unfortunately I cannot see anything on the console level (on MacOS). After pressing the reboot button (around one or two times) the system comes up as nothing happened ever. What can I do to have the system reboot in a stable manner? Since it will sit in the basement soon, I don't want to run down every time I see that it does not reboot properly.
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