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  1. Hi, I was checking the Rock Pi 4C, because of it’s dual display capabilities (I have two monitors and will like to use them in extended mode) But according to this: a mini DP to HDMI is not supported, both of my monitors are HDMI only. I thought that the conversion was merely hardware. Could someone explain this or give me a recommendation for an ARM board supporting multiple (hdmi) displays? Thanks
  2. Thanks @TRS-80 I think I’d go with either rock pi4 or the nano pi (just for the nvme support)
  3. Thanks a lot!, I’m slowly starting my research. I’m not 100% new to arm, have some rpi’s in use and a genisi efika smartbook before it was discontinued. I just think that for my workflow I could switch to arm and save some watts
  4. Hi, I’m thinking about going all arm, what’s the fastest arm board that’s currently available and well supported by armbian? I don’t really play games, my main activities are email, web browsing and c++ development. Thanks!