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  1. armbian image has the nice led color change in bootup. So if leds color change, that mean smth works:) Other images don't have that fine feature (only red light). Are you tried other android image (like superceleron or the one from OrangePi site) with Phoenix soft to burn? I mean run android from sdcard.
  2. Hello. Yeserday i'm install armbian from scratch. Everything is fine. So try rufus software for win or different sd-card (U1 is recommended but Class4 works to) or different pc. Cya
  3. manuti, i found a solution. After add firmware from slinde link and root@beelinkx2:~# rmmod 8189es root@beelinkx2:~# modprobe 8189es i go to Wicd Network Manager -> refresh network, and select my wifi. Next go to properties and paste my password for wifi, click ok and try Connect. Get as usual info about Bad password. Then a click Preferences (right upper corner=triangle) ->advanced ->wpa supplicant and select driver from wext to none. Then Connect to wifi and voila. Connection established and working. Next step is need to modify modules.conf sudo nano /etc/modules-load.d/mo
  4. I'm tested, and nothing change. Still had info about bad password. So i'm burn staright to sdcard, img from orangepi site (Debian 8 Jessie) and it works from a start. i get cpufreq err only, but it works.
  5. On my 4G router, i can only choose unsecured or WPA1 or 2. WPA 1 or 2 doesn't work: always get Bad Password info... But when i choose Unsecured then works like a charm ;/ Soo same problem like yours, did you resolve problem?
  6. I confirm, A2 on the beginning inform of the 8189ETV chip inside, my serial number is A2H3CKHH7xxxx and also has 8189ETV
  7. Yeah, manuti and i, have different version of box (the newer one), to be exactly: x2_v3.1.1_20160224. I upload some photos of the box. The Wi-Fi chip is Realtek 8189ETV
  8. Hello manuti How did you manage to run wifi?? i have the same problem, and for me that doesn't work i get wlan0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device