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  1. I have tried many discs, usbs to read that file. Nothing happening than saying successfully flashed But trying to open file says unrecognised files for bullseye current version also No serial output also.🧐😩
  2. Iam a newbie to orangepi 3. I never had experience in doing anything in SBC's before. I was trying to learn to create a home NAS with orange pi 3 and open media vault. I was impressed with orange pi as it was cheap and more hardware. Here is what i did which took me days but ended up in nothing 1) Got success with ssh. Dloaded Armbian bullseye mainline image from armbian website. Mounted it to class 10 SD by Etcher. After finishing, no boot drive on sd card. Shows 'SD is corrupted'. I saw in this forum that after mounting, two files such as kernal and boot files should be present for ORPi 3 to boot.https://redirect.armbian.com/orangepi3/Bullseye_current 2) Same thing with Armbian buster mainline img. https://redirect.armbian.com/region/EU/orangepi3/Buster_current 3) Dloaded Debian 10. Mounted. Shows 'Corrupted drive'. But orange pi boots to login and terminal. But sudo apt update or apt install doesn't work as it shows error connecting to server with no probs with internet. http://www.orangepi.org/downloadresources/OrangePi3/2019-01-23/orangepi3_DebianImage2.html I just need to setup a NAS with this thing badly. I don't know how to build kernal. Iam a newbie in this thing and Iam in a trap with orange pi with no support to ask for. No groups on telegram. No nothing. Wasted my money on a board which had great hardware but no dev support. What all things should I learn for this thing to start working. This is the support page. http://www.orangepi.org/downloadresources/ I have tried Debian and Armbian mainline versions but left is linux source code, android. But, fed up Can somebody help me. Iam crying . I can't waste a board.
  3. I have armbian cli from armbian website for orange pi 3 SBC Putty refusing connection Orange pi 3 holds a still red light
  4. Red light on boot and Can't detect via putty serial. But, OPi3 works ok on ubuntu 16.8(green light). Any sollution????
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