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  1. Hello, I noticed that overlayroot package is absent in armbian buster. Is it possible to add this feature to Armbian Buster? Cordially, M.B
  2. I hope that the problem will be solved in the near future in a stable release because the mentioned solution is a development release which contains other problems. For instance, the activation of the access point is not working.
  3. Many thanks for the clarification. The problem is solved thanks to the solution proposed by "Aivaras-s" (https://github.com/armbian/build/issues/2315). In fact, I installed the test image which could be found in this link: https://armbian.lane-fu.com/PR/AR-512/ It is a server version (not a desktop one)
  4. I am using DHCP / nmtui In the following image, you can see the details of my network connection: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mJ0LKBkaiELEtNWTJ5Itc-2uRGQKod05/view?usp=sharing The router has sufficiant DHCP range. In fact, only the Orange Pi is connected to router using cabble. The following image depicts the DHCP config of my router: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w1xCvW9ZGZiQS6Wjo9_DhtS82xkh_mHn/view?usp=sharing The diagnosis link returned by armbianmonitor is as following: http://ix.io/2Jtm
  5. I have just downloaded and installed a fresh Buster Image (Armbian_20.11.3_Orangepi3_buster_current_5.9.14.img). After configuring the root password and the new armbian user, I have tried to update the system using (apt-get update....) But I noticed that there is no internet connection through the ethernet cabble. The command ethtool eth0 says that the link is detected. When trying to activate the Wired connection using "nmtui", the system says: could not activate connexion: Activation failed: IP configuration could not be reserved (no available address, timeout, etc.) Could you assist me to resolve this problem. Note: 1-The same cabble/router are well working with my second orange PI PC card. So, there is no wiring problem. 2-I have well googled to resolve this problem. But, I did not found any working solution.
  6. Hello, I have enabled overlayroot using "armbian-config" command line tool (in my orangepi PC). My current OS is Armbian Focal xfce desktop After rebooting, I noticed that the entire filesystem stills writable. I checked the content of ( /etc/overlayroot.conf) using; cat /etc/overlayroot.conf this command show at the end of the file these two lines: (after commented content): overlayroot_cfgdisk="disabled" overlayroot="tmpfs" If I well understood, normally, with such a configuration, the filesystem should be set to read only., but in practice, it is not. Could you assist me how to resolve this problem?
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