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  1. why do you need openwrt? surely just setting your DNS to your pi-hole/adguard 'filter' gives you the same result?
  2. ok got it working by plugging the SD card into one of my 'already working' boxes initially, letting it resize the partition, then back to the PC to copy the image onto........bizarre right got too many boxes now....x3....lol.....I found they are really good for running adguard dns in a docker container...... anyone else running any interesting/docker stuff? cheers
  3. hi folks, any idea why the MULTITOOL partition on SD keeps getting 'corrupted'? ie I can boot the TV box, the partition gets resized but then becomes 'inaccessible'.......error 'failed to mount' when plugged back into PC I've used this procedure fine before but bagged another cheapo box.....this problem is doing my nut in lol...tried different PC, different card......
  4. you monitoring for chemtrails or what there? that's quite a selection you got going, good luck!
  5. hi folks, I've ended up with a difference of opinion with my 2 boxes somehow lol how do I change from 'untested automated build' to 'community creations' and vice versa? tried armbian-config and it doesn't seem to do anything....cheers Exhibits: BOX1 - this is an RK3318 Welcome to Armbian 23.11.0-trunk.41 Bookworm with Linux 6.5.2-edge-rockchip64 No end-user support: untested automated build BOX2 - this is an RK3328 - a H96 Max+ Welcome to Armbian 23.8.1 Bookworm with Linux 6.4.13-edge-rockchip64 No end-user support: community creations
  6. ok so I played with my RK3318 box yesterday... first I switched to 'beta repository' in armbian-config and ended up with 6.4.13-edge-rockchip64 then I updated to bookworm.....all good today I changed the sources.list.d as I noticed docker was still pointing at bullseye after an update I ended up with: Welcome to Armbian 23.11.0-trunk.15 Bullseye with Linux 6.1.51-current-rockchip64 it was on trunk.7 yesterday but can't recall if that said Bullseye or Bookworm, doh I went back into armbian-config, changed to stable build, back to beta build but it's still on 6.1.51 any way to get back to 6.4.13? not urgent, it's more for learning as much as anything else thanks EDIT: update next day.....back to working, must have been a glitch in the matrix Welcome to Armbian 23.11.0-trunk.18 Bookworm with Linux 6.4.14-edge-rockchip64
  7. hmmmm, CPU usage is always <= 100%........basic maths bruv
  8. oh no! how can I update to the latest kernel? I looked here but no mention of rockchip https://github.com/armbian/community I've got a fast arch PC so can I compile my own kernel using that? thanks! PS oh yeah, how do I change motd? I've got a 3328 (as well as a 3318)
  9. i must have been bored cos I decided to update to bookworm which worked ok but somehow I ended up going from kernel 6.1.11 to 5.15.93 after I did an 'unhold'
  10. hi guys, I see that this has been merged with mainline now.... so I did an apt update and upgrade and I'm now on kernel 5.19.5 ( i think it did about 35 packages) BUT should I be putting these packages on 'unhold' now to get rid of this message? cheers ------ 2 packages can be upgraded. Run 'apt list --upgradable' to see them. root@rk3318:~# apt list --upgradable Listing... Done linux-dtb-current-rockchip64/bullseye 22.05.4 arm64 [upgradable from: 22.05.0-trunk] linux-image-current-rockchip64/bullseye 22.05.4 arm64 [upgradable from: 22.05.0-trunk]
  11. hi guys, hope you're all having a great time thank again to @jockfor this great software, I've now got a HK1 max and a H96max+ working and I want to set up a couple of servers with some USB sticks to backup and dump data to....just using NFS shares cos I'm a linux user the H96max+ box doesn't appear keen on an intenso stick formatted with ext4....I've just got the round HK1 max to mount one of my sticks formatted with exfat is there a recommendation for what format to use? cheers
  12. hi @jock as I understand it 5.15 kernel is LTS so is there a procedure to update from 5.15.2 to current release? thanks!
  13. easy peasy! ie apt install docker.io apparmor docker pull adguard/adguardhome:beta docker run blah blah eg https://hub.docker.com/r/adguard/adguardhome have fun! edit: to add a bit more... with docker you download images then you 'create a container' which you then just stop/start so ie I've just created a jellyfin container with docker pull hotio/jellyfin:release docker run --rm \ --name jellyfin \ -p 8096:8096 \ -e PUID=1000 \ -e PGID=1000 \ -e UMASK=002 \ -e TZ="Etc/UTC" \ hotio/jellyfin now I just point a browser to ip:8096 keep a list of useful docker commands like docker images docker rmi <image name> (to remove an image) docker ps -a (to list your containers) docker rm <container> docker stop/start <container>
  14. many thanks to @jockand other devs for this build! just bought a used HK1 Max (the round one) for less than 20 yuros delivered after reading jock's recommendation; the 'conversion' couldn't have been easier! if anyone is still wondering what to do with these, get familiar with docker....the way you can just download images and then spin up containers is crazy simple ie I've got a beta Adguard home running, been messing with Plex (which has got far too bloaty for my likes lol) so next on the list is having a go with jellyfin I had a go with yunohost but to my mind the docker way is the future.....you just create and destroy containers at will and it's not messing with the rest of your config! PS the device I got has 4gb! 4/32 for less than 20€!! at least the central bank induced inflation hasn't hit tv boxes yet
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