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  1. Hi there. I'm also running plex with subtitles and no issue. What type of subtitles are you using? Srt?
  2. Sorry for the confusion, after installing everything again, everything is working well. Thank you very much
  3. Sorry for not replying earlier, was not able. At the end I install everything again after I saw that when booting from the SD card, I had again access to the helios. Then I copied to the emmc overriding the previous installation and installed everything again. I use the 1G Ethernet and I also tried the 2.5G with no change. The system led was blinking normally but the lan led was fixed. I meant usb-c serial console, I could connect but after the login there was no IP. Thank you for the help
  4. Hi there, So I'm having a problem connecting the helios to the router. I try different lan cables and different ports. It was working everything fine yesterday, I did a reboot and no more connection. I'm completely new to this. I was installing home assistance and plex before this happened but I believe I didn't mess with anything to do with network. Don't know what I might have done. I can connect to helios via putty and after logging in the part where ip should be there is none. Any advise would be most appreciated. Again I'm completely new to this.