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  1. Thank you @SteeMan for creating a new dedicated thread with this issue. I give the most detailed information in my hand, and tests in order to keep track in context: 1. Details about the TV Box: Model: TX3 Mini (new model 2021). It's the genuine. Board: 1.6 Processor: Amlogic S905W GPU: Mali 450 WIFI module: AP6330 Links for more TV Box information (in vietnamite):
  2. Hi, I have a TX3 Mini with 1.6 motherboard. I've installed Armbian on emmc and it works great. I've also used the same method mentioned to get AP6330 wifi working. I share this strange issue happening sometimes randomly. I power off the device by plug off directly, because it doesn't work the shutdown. Sometimes when I plug off from power the device, next time I power on it doesn't boot, showing only a black screen (not showing the "hit any key to stop autoboot..." message). When this issue happen, I perform the following steps to solve: 1. Power off the
  3. Yes, I have been testing during these weeks. And sometimes it doesn't boot, it keeps on black screen forever. I have an USB drive configured for this device, when it happens I boot with the USB plugged in and it boots to the eMMC correctly. After this, I power off the TX3 mini, eject the USB drive, and power on again the TV Box. After this it boots again to eMMC standalone. I suspect that armbian or something behind sometimes breaks the multiboot and this is the cause. This could be the reason that when plug some media (USB, SD card), it starts to boot again from eMMC.
  4. Hi, Interesting topic. Is there any news about this? Anyone knows if it will implemented the Mali450 HW Acceleration on mainline Armbian for S905X/W, etc...?
  5. Hi, this thread is so interesting. Do you have any news or progress? Thanks!
  6. Hi, I'm still testing Armbian on my TX3 Mini (board 1.6). It works great, but this issue is making me crazy and I think it could be solved: First of all I have Armbian installed on emmc and my use case is keep running the box with a few services using postgresql database. The "sudo poweroff" and the "sudo shutdown -h now" commands doesn't work and they restart the device instead of power it off. So, when I need to power off the device the only way is to unplug the electrical plug directly. After doing this, sometimes (randomly) the next time when I try to start the
  7. Hi, I successfull installed Armbian_20.10_Arm-64_focal_current_5.9.0_desktop.img.xz on my TX3 Mini (Board 1.6). It's great to have a full linux on a cheap device like that, thank you so much for your effort and great community! Awesome work! Anyone has also this issue? When I try to reboot from Desktop (Menú->Restart), it doesn't reboot (it logout, tipical power off texts, and screen off), but the device keeps on, and doesn't show the bootloader screen, and doesn't boots Armbian again. The curious about that: if I reboot the device from terminal (local
  8. Hi again, I have also a MXQ PRO 4K 5G with S905W CPU and AP6256 WIFI. I successfully booted up Armbian, but no WIFI. And I've see this files on the /lib/firmware folder: Can I make the wifi works by renaming/changing something related about this files? Thanks!
  9. Update: I located the stock firmware for this TX3 Mini 1.6 board in a vietnam webpage: As I read is the 2020-21 hardware stage for this box. And this is the unique firmware working on this box. I've tried with Amlogic Burning Tool and works OK. Mega link to stock firmware (if anyone interest): The bad news is that still can't boot from USB/SD (external media). No human way. I've tried pressing/non pressing
  10. Thanks @Ngo Thang In my TX3 mini S905W 2GB RAM/16GB ROM I noticed several things: Android preinstalled is 9, but firmware compilation date is 2020-09-29 (quite recent, compared to official firmware from Tanix webpage). Opened the box and the Board version is 1.6. Again, so recent compared to 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 showed on other forums. The WIFI module is SP6330-X. Tried to boot Armbian with the toothpick method on botton reset button while power on, but it loads the Android recovery instead booting from SD card. There is no way to boot fr
  11. Hi @Ngo Thang I recently bought 1 TX3 mini and I'm facing the same problem like you. It always boots into android recovery when pressing the reset button while power on, instead of booting from Armbian SD or USB. I've tried on other model of TV Box with S905W and boots OK pressing the reset button, so it TX3 mini problem. Finally how did you solve it? Did you flash stock firmware? Where did you download the firmware? Thanks in advance!