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  1. Hey there! I've was not sure about upgrading either, and in the end, for security reasons as well, I did upgrade. I'm using OMV 5, and docker (although right now I'm not running anything on it). I'm switching governors between ondemand and powersave to reduce power consumption, as I'm currently not running anything too cpu hungry. I've been running for about 10 days now, with no stability issue. But as I said, my device is mostly idle.
  2. Sad sad news! Sad for the team, they put a lot of effort into this, I'm sure they made a lot of sacrifices for that project, and it's never pleasant to end an intense effort like that. And of course sad for the customers, who were counting on them. Especially since Helios was a success, customers were had high expectations for Helios64. Very sad that it didn't work out... I believe hardware wise, the team did an excellent job, Helios64 looks really good, and the specs were quite nice. But I'm guessing it's on the software side that it didn't work out, which is really a shame, because software can always be fixed. It requires time, it requires effort, it's not cheap, but it's easier to fix than a hardware issue. So although I'm a gutted that they are pulling the plug, good luck to Kobol team, and hope that you come back having learnt from this experience
  3. Haven't monitored very closely the different issues, so it's not very clear to me what theses are fixing. If not too much trouble, could you add what they fix?
  4. While you are right of course, for professional kind of support there's quite a lot of other alternatives which suit better. Donations to the project are essential, so that things can be done. But where I disagree a little, is that this issue causes the fans to stop. I find that to be a serious issue, it can cause hardware damage. I'm sure there is thermal throttling and auto-shutdown if the temperature reaches some thresholds, but it's never good to go into that area. So the "1000 bugs" before this one, I don't agree with it. Now to avoid any kind of unnecessary pressure, my suggestion to all users is: revert back to 21.05.01, until as solution is deployed in the latest release.
  5. That's awesome news! Can't wait for that!
  6. The design is awesome so I'd definitely not change it! I would have liked to have WoL working, that is an important feature for those who don't plan on having it on 24/7. (I know, a NAS is intended to be on 24/7, but to have something more environmental friendly, the ability to turn it off and on without physically touching the device is a must) Other than that, I'd also add the option to disable or at least deem the front leds (can't place it in a visible place it near the TV). and ECC ram would also be very welcome.
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