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  1. I definitely understand the lack of polish for such a new board, I already very grateful for where I got so far. As for latest being broken, I mainly wanted to make sure others looking could find the 20.11.5 build which boots fine,. I managed to get networkd and timesyncd working, and found a way to get the gmac interface name stabilized using a systemd .link file targeting the device Path. Wondering if a udev method would be preferred? In this case I believe targeting by driver will not work, for some reason it seemed to be missing when I tried. I was looking into rebu
  2. I recently received my NanoPi R4S 4GB (my first SBC) and have been looking into running armbian on it (my first experience with it). A few things I've noticed: - The official 20.11.6 build (buster) does not bring up the network properly. It pings but SSH never starts. 20.11.5 or a local build from trunk seem fine. Just mentioning in case others wonder why the currently "latest" on the official page doesn't work - The gmac ethernet device naming seems unstable. It usually comes up as `eth1` but sometimes come up as `eth0`. It seems to depend on timing when the r8169 pci ad