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  1. According to your latest blog post: That's awesome to hear, thank you very much for addressing this issue! Is there any way to test this change upfront? I'd be eager to give this a spin with a self-built kernel/image if necessary, but couldn't find anything concrete in the public git repositories so far.
  2. @gprovost My network setup regarding the Helios64: 1: Helios64 eth0 <--> noname noname Gigabit switch <--> my internal network, router etc <--> my desktop machine, onboard 1Gbps ethernet port (enp7s0), Intel i211, kernel module igb. Used for ssh connection to trigger iperf3 to go through eth1. MTU 1500. 2: Helios64 eth1 <--> 5m Cat 6 ethernet cable <--> my desktop machine, 2.5Gbps ethernet port (enp6s0), Realtek RTL8125, vanilla kernel module r8169. Nothing but static IP address assignments from the same subnet, (different subnet co
  3. Yes, it's off. "ethtool -K eth1 tx off" produced no output and it gave up just a few seconds after the transfer started. Forcing tx offload on and off again (should we really trust the driver to report the current setting?) didn't improve things. Yesterday I fiddled around with disabling autosuspend on the usb ports and devices in /sys in case it's some weird issue like that - no improvement. However, I've found that changing the advertised speeds for autonegotiation on my desktop's side (removing the bit for 2.5Gbps, for example) causes the link to go down for a few seconds and th
  4. On the off chance something there's something different from that image that @clostro mentioned to mine, I tried the same with a separate SD card. No change: eth1 with 2.5Gbps broke down within 10 seconds of the Helios64 sending my desktop machine data via iperf3, just as described before. The only thing I changed after setting the root passwd was setting up a static IP address for eth1 via nmcli. So back to 1Gbps it is.
  5. sync; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches Check Documentation/sysctl/vm.txt for details on drop_caches.
  6. I've been having the same issue of eth1 just not working right on a 2.5Gbps link on kernel 5.9.x. The same applies for a self-built 5.10.1 kernel and also when going back to r8152 2.13.0 instead of the default 2.14.0 (by adapting the revision in build/lib/compilation-prepare.sh). With a 1Gbps connection, everything is perfectly fine. This connection speed was "forced" by running "ethtool -s enp6s0 advertise 0x3f" on the desktop side, taking 2.5Gbps out of the advertised speeds for autonegotiation. I have a direct 5m Cat6 connection from my Helios64 to my desktop machine. The latter has a 2.5Gb