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  1. Hi guys, I'm a pretty new owner of a lovely Orange PI Zero H2+, 512Mb, Armbian Bionic. My pleasure is really depends on you because I spent a lots of time to have an RDP from W10 to my OPI Z over of internet. I already have but... I'd like more! I mean I want to reach my sweety through internet outside of my pretty home, even to have desktop view. I made the desktop extension setup on Armbian already. I have desktop view through W remote desktop connection within my network. I already have solutions 1. RDP from w10 to OPI Z, within my home network, with all available feature. https://ibb.co/VLFQ1wc 2. dwservice with no display feature from some unknown reason. https://ibb.co/Xyzz7S4 In the end of 2020 on Armbian Bionic (which is the current Opsys on my OPI Z), how we are able to reach this little guy over of internet like RDP? Please share with me your working solution!
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