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  1. well, it could be that 'm with ubuntu, or maybe that i don't need anything more than plain ext4, samba and nfs, but i have _ _ _ _ __ _ _ | | | | ___| (_) ___ ___ / /_ | || | | |_| |/ _ \ | |/ _ \/ __| '_ \| || |_ | _ | __/ | | (_) \__ \ (_) |__ _| |_| |_|\___|_|_|\___/|___/\___/ |_| Welcome to Armbian 21.02.2 Groovy with Linux 5.10.16-rockchip64 No end-user support: work in progress & unsupported (groovy) userspace! System load: 2% Up time: 9 days 13:21 Memory usage: 34% of 3.71G Zram usage: 6% of 1.85G IP:
  2. it's Armbian 21.02.0-trunk.54 Groovy with Linux 5.9.16-rockchip64 right now i used a daily build with sources.list for devel, so I am running hirsute (rolling) and no audio device is created with usb-c hdmi dongle inserted btw, sorry for the late reply, but i'm an armbian forum beginner, so can't post more than once a day
  3. ok, for now i solved the errors using the snd_dummy driver, but, afaik, audio over usb-c works for the nanopi (which is rk3399 as the helios) so maybe it could work here too
  4. is there any way to send audio through displayport? i installed kodi, just as a database updater, but it fills the log with errors related to the audio system, and i see that aplay doesn't show any audio device, so another question is, is there any way to emulate an audio device? thanks
  5. well, it worked perfectly, even if it lacks hardware acceleration (i tried a 1080p mkv and it was slow as hell, don't know the cpu level but it was completely unusable, but i guess sd stuff will play ok, and i really didn't need kodi to output anything, just to update the db) i know NAS is not intended for this use, but if we can play music on a vacuum cleaner... btw, the fan trouble was depending on a too tight screw, disassembled it and found the culprit right now, webmin works for the remote administration part, apache works (even if i really don't need it yet), maria
  6. ok, so my flaming new helios finally arrived (after Christmas, what a pity) and, after spending some time assembling it (it's not the easiest thing in the world, expecially if you want to attach the mainboard BEFORE connecting all the cables, as specified within the instructions) I started configuring it. As i don't like the easy way (I'd have bought something else, if i would have) I went for a daily build with Groovy (i don't need OMV for my purpose and am quite accostumed to the ubuntu way), and the first thing i did was to make it a rolling release, putting devel in the place of groov