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  1. Hi, Well, that's a bit of a "problem"... I may have some issues with the eMMC, pls see log of AndroidTool: 09:27:53 136 RKDevTool v2.7.1.0 start run 09:28:27 212 Layer<1-5-2>:Download Boot Start 09:28:30 039 Layer<1-5-2>:Download Boot Success 09:28:30 041 Layer<1-5-2>:Wait For Maskrom Start 09:28:30 450 Layer<1-5-2>:Wait For Maskrom Success 09:28:30 452 Layer<1-5-2>:Test Device Start 09:28:30 454 Layer<1-5-2>:Test Device Success 09:28:30 457 Layer<1-5-2>:Check Chip Start 09:28:30 460 Layer<1-5-2>: Check Chip Success 09:28:30 462 Layer&l
  2. If the support is going to be missing from current kernel for long, it would be nice to have the legacy kernel revived. Given it's not too much work! I'm no coder, but if you need help, i volunteer for it within my limited capabilities. Testing for sure could be one area i can help with. Thanks!
  3. Hi Jock, Thanks for your effort to bring a "new" life into this cool box! I'd need a bit of advice here... I loaded the latest build and it works fine apart from one thing: hw acceleration. MPV is lagging a lot, just like Kodi. in the first post, there is a link to another topic about getting hw acceleration (RK3288 Media Script) which is re-directed to "RK3288/RK3328 Legacy Multimedia Framework". The requirement there is to use an Armbian Buster Legacy Desktop image. There are only 2x such image exist for this box (Armbian_19.11.8_Xt-q8l-v10_buster_legacy_4.4.199 and ver