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  1. Hi Balbes150, I have an MXQ S805 1GB (KOT49H.20151225 test-keys) also know as the m201C version which has 1022MiB rather than 510MB. I have a problem using either of these images: Armbian_21.02.0-trunk_Aml-s812_bionic_current_5.10.0_.img.xz Armbian_21.02.0-trunk_Aml-s812_focal_current_5.10.0_.img.xz Using BalenaEtcher I burn the images onto SD card absolutely fine and they verify okay (tried multiple SD cards). Then I proceed by editing uEnv.txt and changing the default dtb from meson8m2-mxiii-plus.dtb to meson8b-mxq.dtb and renaming armbian_first_r