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  1. Sames slots, different drive numbers - we must have wired the SATA differently. Seems for me like the drives on the second power rail are not getting enough power. No idea why this suddenly started happening though.
  2. Is that the top two trays (ie SATA 4 and 5?). That's the same issue I'm seeing I think.
  3. I seem to have hit another problem with my Helios64. It seems that overnight, HDs 4 and 5 disappeared and no longer seem to be powered. I've disconnected all the other drives and tried it with just 4, and it seems to be a power problem as the drive activity light seems to light up for a short while, but not at full prightness. Also I note that SATA 4 and 5 are on a separate power line to the other 3. Anyone seen this before? Is it fixable?
  4. Hi, I think I may have posted about this in a few places, but I'm not sure where most are looking to discuss helios64 issues. The problem I am having is that the fans do not turn at all. As per the wiki, I've tried setting fancontrol off, and checking that the pwm value goes to 255, which it does but still no movement. I am using the fans supplied in the kit. There is nothing obstructing the fans, and sometimes if I disconnect and reconnect them from the board they will twitch a bit, or spin for a short while (until the connector is fully down against the board), but nothing otherwise. I've also tried heating the cpu up to ~85C (e.g `cat /dev/random | gzip > /dev/null`) with fancontrol enabled, and whilst the pwm value changes, as expected there is no movement in the fans. I've also tried FreeBSD, which seems to have the same problem. Anyone else seen this issue? Seems most people have problems with the fans being to loud. Anything further I can do to get to the bottom of it? Thanks, Mark