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  1. good news! so happy!My box is working Yes, there are three LEDs on the board,After power on, the middle LED will light up, After the kernel starts, the LED on the right will start to flashing I did not use USB otg to boot armbian,Use Androidtool_ Release_ v2.67 to directly burn the modified image into eMMC. This is feasible I used Armbian_ 21.02.0-trunk_ Rk322x-box_ buster_ dev_ 5.10.2_ minimal.img , only modified verbosity=7 What puzzles me is that the CPU temperature can be displayed when the system is first started, reboot the system CPU temperature is unavailable, but i
  2. Sorry, it’s my negligence. The box is a simple personal file server with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The service has been stopped due to the closure of the service company, so I want to use it I can't find the entrance to upload files to the forum. The files are on Googl Drive (Use translation tools to translate,Please forgive me for causing confusion in reading) backup.img yhmh.dtb yhmh.dts Android boot log.txt Thank you very much and for causing you trouble
  3. I cannot follow the instructions, there is no SD card slot and HDMI on the board, and I cannot boot from the USB otg port after testing.
  4. Thank you for your reply Product name and model: chainedbox m1-aa-bk The image used is Armbian_ 20.11.6_ Rk322x-box_ buster_ legacy_ 4.4.194.img The burning tool is Android tool_ Release_ v2.6 yhmh.dtbyhmh.dtsbackup.img I back up and try to extract the DTB If using armbian_ 21.02.0-trunk_ Rk322x-box_ buster_ dev_ 5.10.2_ minimal.img The result is a restart in 10 seconds Device 0: unknown device switch to partitions #0, OK mmc0(part 0) is current device Scanning mmc 0:1... Found U-Boot script /boot/boot.scr 2909 bytes read in 4 ms
  5. My English is very poor, this is translated using a translation tool; it may cause you some reading confusion, I am very sorry. I have a box, rk3228a 512m ram 8G emmc, no sd card slot, vacant mini HDMI, I used AndroidTool to burn the image to emmc, uboot can start, but it seems that the kernel cannot be started. I tried to replace all the dtbs of rk3228 and rk3229 in the image, and the result was the same. I don't know how to solve it, Finally, use rkdeveloptool to back up the original firmware from a new box and try to extract dtb. The original firmware is Android, I am not sure w