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  1. So I get stuck into Coreelec Mayby anyone has idea if this tv box is clone of sth more popular which has rom avaible (board photo in 1 post)? Thanks in advance
  2. As I understood when I boot Coreelec first time i overwrite orginal boot and now Armbian can't start Is there any workaround to enable proper multiboot if there is no stock firmware image avaible for this particular TV BOX ?
  3. Hi, I have problem to enable multiboot on TV BOX Evolveo H8 ( ) Amlogic S912 3gb Ram 16gb rom 1gbit WiFI LTM8830 CoreElec starts from SD card without any problems. Box don't have Backup&Update app (only OTA update) so I try to use dedicated reset button and adb reboot update but always finished with recovery menu and massage " Support Api.3 Recovery is listening adb sideload... Waiting adb sideload command.. E: cannot load volume /misc!" I tried differnt sd cards (32gb/64gb) and dtb files without any success with balbes armbian