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  1. WernerL Hi - thank you for your reply. I hope you had a nice day. The reason I ignored your request is to specifically ruin your life. As: 1 I don't know if this is a bug or not because if it a normal process that i just never noticed it would dismissed and everyone would have a nice day, do I never saw the dialogs. as this is a question, i am not reporting a bug. 2 Even if I did use the dialog I never would have made it past the "HARDWARE/SOFTWARE ISSUE" dialog because neither of the choices fit
  2. Thank you - noob here so I hope I did this right, the whole log was too long for the site so i just upload the last part of the log, I hope this is enough.
  3. I am running an Debian Buster 4.0 with OMV5 - the error logs happens to log this error steadily: odroidhc4 kernel: [ 84.894025@0] drivers/amlogic/efuse/efuse_hw64.c:_efuse_read:202: read error!!! What would this be?