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  1. Thanks. "LOADING ENVIRONMENT FROM EXT4: FILE NOT FOUND --- "/BOOT/BOOT.env" I installed Focal OS's and it went into english, but upon restarting the desktop, it wouldn't restart; I tried with and without internet connection. For Buster, i have not had success; don't even recall at this point what happened after so many tries in different ways... But the one thing that IS consistent with all of the downloaded OS's, is the error message above. I see this at the beginning of each boot-up. As far as the downloaded desktop from a few years ago, i
  2. I was downloading the server OS. Now i downloaded the desktop and it works, but.... When the desktop boots, it gives me a russian layout (words, etc). I tried using both of the locales (uk & ru), but both gave same result. I also tried bypassing it, but it didn't allow me to. If it has only 'added' an extra layout, how do i choose the english version since it boots directly into the russian version and doesn't give me any options? Thanks.
  3. orangepiplus2e: I have been using an OS that i downloaded in the usa. Now I am in ukraine and after i do an update & upgrade, which does run through, the OS tries to connect to the internet, but fails; the page tries to open, but all i see are a few lines of the internet homepage i connected to. So, it does go to the page, but won't open it. I have tried multiple times using different url's. During the update, the OS upgrades to the current version, Buster 10.7. I downloaded a new OS from both "usa" & "europe", but upon trying to install it, i go
  4. Well, certainly true, but given that everyone's computer might have malware on it, unknowingly, having the checksum for the actual image allows you to check the checksum before and after converting the .img to an actual OS. Good point!
  5. I like armbian-debian but don't like that i can only do the checksum for the 'img.xz' and not the actual image. Once i extract the .img from the img.xz, i don't see how i can check the actual .img since there is no checksum for it; even though it is very difficult for malware to get on the .img, it is possible. I realize that if the .img.xz's checksum is good, then the .img image is good. But once I expose the .img to my computer, if there is malware unknowingly present, then the .img could become infected and I have no way to check it. My orangepiplus2e is 32-bit. T