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  1. I have tested many combinations, among which I tested without x11vnc and also many other possible suspects. It is directly related to chromium. I have gotten the same log when not running x11vnc. I ended up writing a PHP script that connects to the streaming website and gets the media and redirects it to mpv. Chromium needs more work at least on this board (I understand that it is unsupported).
  2. OK. After doing much testing, I can say that there is something wrong with Chromium. The situation is totally random and I reproduced the issue in many conditions. It is not related to anything but the browser itself. This is really sad. Everything works very well (I even play youtube through mpv/ytdl) but this hardware accelerated chromium is totally unstable. There was not even one time when it did not crash on me, which is a shame because for those websites that don't have a streaming implementation in kodi/youtube-dl, the browser is the only way to access the media and with Roc
  3. Of course not. Directly the performance is not perfect let alone through VNC. The problem is definitely related to Chromium. I can play a high-profile x264 local file using the players for hours with no issues, but in the browser it always crashes or hangs. I am experimenting with some options to further troubleshoot the issue and to see what exactly can trigger the problem. I will let you know once I have done my testing.
  4. Thanks for your reply. Although I was running my own custom kernel, I had already tested it with the stock kernel as well. The situation did not differ. Anyway, as you said I wrote the stock image to a new microSD and started over. The hang/freeze or the aw, snap error was present. armbianmonitor output: Some more log appeared on the serial console at the freeze event: The end has three lines from dmesg which was the onl
  5. Thank you very much for your swift reply. I immediately got the needed information but somehow armbian forum did not let me post more than once yesterday. Anyway, this is the output: I have also appended Xorg.0.log to the end of the file. I also tested my own custom compiled kernel for Rock64, and while the experience was a little better, at the end chromium always crashed again with Aw, snap. This is a on 4GB Rock64 SBC. For the fdt I am using rk3328-rock64.dtb.
  6. Thank you very much for your efforts. However, Chromium is totally unstable. It always crashes randomly (aw, snap) after a few minutes of playback in streaming websites. Is there anything that can be done? I have tested other browsers but they are far from perfect. The only option is a HW accelerated one like chromium in full screen mode. At this point is there any hope that vaapi-enabled firefox 80+ can be compiled and used? What about vaapi-enabled gstreamer ones like epiphany? (I tested it but the performance was terrible as it was not HW-accelerated.)