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  1. Hello, I recently got a Nanopi M4v2 on which I installed Armbian Buster current and updated the system, including kernel. After a few hours the board would crash, requiring a power cycle. Aftet reading this thread I decided to try a fixed frequency, so I left it at 2GHz. With a fixed clockspeed I ran stress tests, several runs of sbc-bench, browser benchmarks, used it to open documents in Libreoffice, watched videos using the browser, etc. and it was totally stable for over 5 days straight. I only had problems with Chromium crashing, but Firefox
  2. I connected the board to the in-wall USB charger with no monitor attached, logged-in using ssh and ran the test again. The charger seemed solid delivering 5.12V@2.4A I overclocked the CPU to 2GHz and power consumption went up to 2.71A (with USB disk attached doing full read and s-tui stress test), voltage remained stable @5.12V. So this Leviton in-wall USB charger seems ideal to power 5V SBCs.
  3. I just got my Nanopi M4v2 today and ran a few quick tests, about a week ago my USB power meter arrived also. The first test was powering the board using a Macbook Air 29W USB-C charger and running s-tui to put a full load on the CPUs. The voltage drops to 4.5-4.6 when the amperage goes above 2A. I let it run for a while (about 10 mins) and when a came back to check the board had rebooted. This power adapter is not suited to power this SBC Next test was using a PoE to 5V USB-C adapter rated for 2.4A. Again I ran s-tui and let it go it's thing. After about an hour or was
  4. I bought a set of Leviton T5632 in-wall USB chargers before I even thought of tinkering with SBCs. The spec sheet says it delivers 3.6A@5V, so I thought it should be enough to power a board and a couple of USB disks. Has anyone used a similar device to power an SBC? I still don't have my device and I don't have a USB power meter at hand, when I have them I'll update this. I bought a set of 3 for about $25 off eBay, so price is decent. Here are some pics of the insides in case anyone is interested.
  5. Hello, what's the disk space needed to seed the torrents? On a side note, would creating a repository mirror also help?
  6. Hello, I got the itch to experiment with Linux on ARM. I tried to get an Odroid N2+ bit seems to be unavailable everywhere. The best thing I could get at a reasonable cost was a Nanopi M4v2, it'll arrive in about 3 weeks. While I wait I remembered that I have an Ouya laying around and I asked myself: Is it possible to install linux on an Ouya? Searching the internet there are very old guides from 2013 to install ubuntu, had the situation improved? Anyone here tried?