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  1. Just a heads up that I reinstalled my Helios 64 with the latest armbian buster (currently running from SD) and it has been running solid as a rock for 7 days. No longer using OMV and I don't really miss it
  2. Oh that's an interesting observation! I'm using OMV too. Maybe I should try going without it. Thanks!
  3. Like many others, I get constant reboots with my Helios. I'm not sure it's worth me posting logs as a number of people already seem to be doing that. My question is, does anyone have a stable system? If so what OS and kernel are you using? I don't care about latest and greatest features, I just want it to stop hard rebooting.
  4. Seems like the mistake is yours. It's made pretty clear that the port is shared (it's even mentioned twice on the front page of, it's not exactly a secret.