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  1. @jock yes please. and can i have a walkthrough on the differences are and how you fixed the leds. i'm currently working on reversing an antenna for 2.4GHz for use with the box, well at least the usb wifi i'm using on it. i'm planning on making one made up of more segments to increase gain as i will make this my main access point (and mqtt server) at home for solar IoT projects.
  2. @fabiobassa well, i'm gonna tinker with it a bit more and post any progress. i put files there for others to use as reference just in case they encounter same problems as mine. cheers.
  3. @dale congrats for successful setup! Anyway, i got a hold of the device tree copy from android as well as dmesg. I figured, i'm gonna follow @hexdump's instructions. hope it all works out fine. device-tree-copy.tar.gz dmesg_android.txt
  4. @hexdump thanks. i managed to get device tree from android box. nice guide. @jock i got the dmesg, will upload tomorrow, i need some sleep. @fabiobassa box is working fine as headless super router at the moment, running soho dhcp, dns server/cache, squid transparent proxy/cache. will slowly try to improve it as i learn more about these little things. i remember, i used to install debian/pfsense on old p3 and p4 boards just to get a reliable mega router/firewall and run squid and squidguard on em. now i can do that at the fraction of the size and power co
  5. @hexdump thanks, will try to extract dtb from original firmware. @fabiobassa thanks, i still have a lot to learn configuring these boxes. waaay harder than sbc's that already have preconfigured distros. any recommended reading about rockchip devices? these tv boxes are everywhere and cheap too.
  6. I ordered another box and i got the exact same board with the exact same hardware marked R28-MXQ. the wifi chip is identified as ap6210. mainline should have a driver available right? i will also attempt to backup firmware later and the first 4MB of the emmc. i'm gonna use rkdumper. i hope it goes without a hitch. It seems wifi chip is connected in SDIO mode. will have to do a little digging on the led config and hdmi too. hdmi audio is in i2s mode. @jock @fabiobassa Do you guys have a guide on extracting those configuration from the original firmware?
  7. A better pic of the wifi chip. I think it's supposed to be an el cheapo substitute for AP series wifi chips ( similar to what happened to stm32 and cs32/gd32 microcontroller cloning). this drove me bonkers to say the least. *pic cropped and edited in markup with palma filter
  8. @jock Maybe you turned off the board before it was first completing the partition resize? Indeed i have, i removed the plug because i thought i made a mistake with the flashing procedure . Silly me About the wifi, S9012 is not a name I recognize and the photo is not clear enough to say what you have there. I sort of tried and made sense of what i can see with my deteriorating vision. but crawling the web lead me to others that have the same wifi chip S9012p. I already succcessfully installed armbian 5.9 focal, and it gets identified as unknown wifi w
  9. @fabiobassa @jock For further infos and helping more people would you be so kind to post some screenshots and a more detailled procedure !? Hi again. so i got the box for about $13.00 online. it was marketed as an MXQ Pro 5G 4G/32G which was totally fake so i opened it and found out that is was just 1G/8G and that it was an RK3228. I tried backing up the firmware with rkdevtool in loader mode and only got about 0x0h to 0x10000h. i tried to write it back and it wouldn't boot anymore. I tried flashing it with armbian and rkdevtool and still no luck then i saw @qiheng's post (tha
  10. weeee! i got it booting. orange light blinks. flashed it in maskrom mode. flashed the loader from first post at 0xcccccccc and armbian image at 0x0. it worked. now i need to hunt for uart rx and tx pins. thanks @jock and @fabiobassa. i just hope i don't break the board while searching for uart pins.
  11. I gave up using rkdevtool in windows. maybe i'll have better luck with windows subsystem for linux and use rkdeveloptool instead.
  12. So if i boot in maskrom by shorting clk pin to ground and start flashing armbian image at 0x0 with rkdevtool for windows, i don't have to go through the sd card and usb booting steps? i'll try that right away.
  13. Hello, i managed to find the emmc pinout for the clk pin here, i was able to flash my backup from 0x0 to 0x10000h. Now the box can be detected in loader mode. My question is, should i flash a uboot to support booting from usb flash drive or should i just use the multitool? how much and what part of the flash should i erase so i can boot from multitool? i never tried finding the rx and tx pins on the board so i have not tried debugging it with uart yet.
  14. I tried to flash an android firmware i found on the net. and now it's dead. doesn't even get detected when i plug in usb. rkdevtool on windows doesn't recognize it anymore (maskrom or loader) i think the firmware i downloaded has the wrong idb loader or something. here are the images of the board. boardpics i was hoping i could short the flash clk pin to ground so i can go into force maskrom mode but the pinouts from fabiobassa's pics are not the same. P.S. i got an smd rework station and an assortment of maker tools and fine soldering skills so i'm not afraid
  15. hello, i'm new to this forum. i also bought a tv box similar to JVMS. it's marked r28-mxq-00813. ram is marked k4b1g0446F, searched for the datasheet and it looks like ddr3 ram 667MHz . it has an 8G flash marked EPNA6M4-0808-AE. i was able to readback at least 32MB of the flash with rkdevtool v2.79. i can't however backup idbloader and everything else after 0x10000h. i seem to have borked the firmware trying to writeback my 32MB backup. i tried booting the board using a usb flash drive flashed with multitool. i used balena etcher, still no luck. i'll upload photos later.