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  1. oh thats why i never encountered the ch341/ch340 error, i started with the cli/minimal install
  2. please post output of the following commands while the printer is plugged in the usb and is turned on. ls /dev/tty* and lsusb i never had problems with usb serial communication with armbian before. please check your klipper make menuconfig settings and that it is exactly what is intended for your printer mainboard. here is the guide for your printer.
  3. open nvram_2734с.txt copy and paste all the contents and in the loaded config. bcmfmac4330* or brcmfmac4334* in /lib/firmware you can install klipper with kiauh just fine with this build of armbian i've been using it for 3 years now. you just need git installed and clone kiauh repository for a very convenient klipper install.
  4. thanks, will try it out and upload serial logs after i solder the wires on it. got a bit distracted since i'm currently cleaning up the other box from junk and trying to reflash and reinstall pihole.
  5. hello, i got a new rk3328/3318 box and it is an MX10 box. board is MXQ-RK3328-D4_A ver: 2.0 date:20181219. i was wondering if anyone has the same board as mine and got armbian running on it. here are pics of the board. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ikSCNH7s59f2v5EE7 if serial logs are needed i can solder some wires to gather the info. thanks.
  6. works like a dream @jock. here's my freshly installed/updated hk1 max box dmesg using latest libreelec hdmi patched 6.3.13 kernel. i hope mainline gets around to updating hdmi timing stuff. brcm 6334 2.4G and 5G works out of the box. using it currently as pi hole box. for those having problems with rtl 2734c (rtl8237cs). wireless module that gets detected but cannot connect to AP, here's a reuploaded nvram you can try out (no guarantees though), it solved my problem way back with the rounded h96 max i am using as klipper host. file is not mine, credits to the original uploader. dmesg.log nvram_2734c.txt
  7. @FatalWorld there is a kernel oops about swapper being tainted. your board is the same as mine albeit with different wifi chip. these are the things i would try if that was my board: 1. backup original firmware and try flashing different firmwares on the emmc chip from the github page. 2. if running from sd card, i would try a different sd card just to test filesystem stability. 3. i would also try ram testing. 4. upload logs for different test image used. just do a "dmesg >> dmesg519.log", download that log using winscp and include it in your next post, it would help jock and others with debugging where your problem is coming from. got mine solved that way. cheers and good luck!
  8. please indicate box type and board version, if posible attach top and bottom images of the board.
  9. board version? sometimes those 4 pads do not work for me, what i sometimes do when i'm feeling lazy is i try connecting the ground on the board first then i try connecting the rx pin of usb serial to different pads of the board while booting to find its tx pin. you only need two pins to capture serial debug logs. i found mine at the back of the board. i think i posted the pics in this post at page 26. you get very low chances of bricking your board if you do it this way. other method i use is a low cost stm32 o-scope and a multitester which a is way safer method in my opinion.
  10. very strange indeed. i was testing it on a uhd 55" samsung tv that has not been updated for about 2 years, it is plugged in to hdmi ARC port, so that maybe the source of my confusion too. the reason why i bought the same board as yours is to see if they would all behave the same way and indeed they have. i really need to start learning how to compile the kernel for these boxes, i do have experience compiling kernels for linux desktop and server but that was way back when 2.6 was bleeding edge.. dmesg-rk3328yx.log
  11. hello everyone. i just got an hk1 max with yx_rk3328-v1.0 board and tested it with 5.15 kernel and 5.19 images. HDMI works great on 5.15 out of the box, 5.19 on the other hand has no hdmi display. kernel 5.19 with the libreelec patch has hdmi display out of the box.
  12. hello. 5.19.15 kernel works both on rounded and square h96 max box v1.4 boards and so far they are both running stable with hdmi display for about 6 hours now. attached are the dmesg logs for both boxes. for the square box, i did a fresh install of @jock's full image and for the rounded one, i have installed the new kernel and dtb. i2cdetect -l needed sudo and the output is the same as @MattWestB's. dmesg-square.log dmesg-rounded.log
  13. @jock awesome! it worked like a charm, unfortunately i was not able to upload a dmesg log. will upload it tomorrow after i test it on the rounded one too. it runs at 1.3GHz and 76-83 degrees celcius and is very usable as minimal desktop, it even has compositing enabled, with a little bit of active cooling and a better case with more ventilation, it can be nice mini workstation. usb is also stable for both usb2 and usb3, i tested it with usb3 hub and plugged in 4 devices(printer, keyboard, mouse and a usb microscope) and they all worked fine.
  14. @jock good news! i tested you edge build of 5.19 kernel and dtb and it booted great with hdmi output on the squared h96 max v1.4 board. i reckon it would work flawlessly on the rounded one too. sorry for the crappy image quality i tested this at work.
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