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  1. So does this look like the info required? From my reading this is how BSD has also got pcie working on these boards. Of note is this mailing list regarding working thru the exact issue 9 months ago
  2. Hmmm mobile will catch you out every time, when i get back to my pc ill have to find the patch again and will update you.
  3. Hi all, I'd love to run my sas2008 card on armbian. Im currentky testing the ayufan 0.10.12 build and it is working with my sas cards flawlessly even with sas expanders and 16x hdd attached. On armbian or any other release for that matter there is insufficient boot wait time for to card, i believe these cards take around 400ms to boot with bios rom deleted. The patch provides 1 second wait time. Working kernel patch is here thats been pulled into the above release