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  1. from scratch... I'm working out the exact process now to automate it. When I have the scripting worked out, I'll format it into proper Armbian format and submit a PR. It was all pretty straight forward to accomplish manually. Wipe the NVMe and setup several logical partitions to use as encryption stores, add them to fstab, etc. It's all working now. My biggest gripe is which kernel is supported... so far this is only working on legacy 4.4 and I really want to use 5.7+ I have Wayland/sddm/Sway working as well and will be integrating that as my default managers. My needs are a littl
  2. That is terrific news. I just started working on a few things like getting everything encrypted with cryptsetup for lvm and luks, that's all working even with encrypted initramfs on a 970 Evo+. We don't want Office anyway, looking for a minimal UI with just a Compositor so we can use PWAs and gRPC.
  3. anyone testing Bullseye yet? I am using NanoPC-T4 and will be working on a system that builds Wayland/Weston and Sway so it also needs Debian Bullseye. It will also be preinstalling dotnet as we are using that for Blazor and gRPC Projects.