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  1. Good day @fabiobassa, I feel so dumb now. Re-reading the messages I found this one from @hexdump. Turns out, this was the key to make it work. I stupidly focused in more complex (for me) instructions. I have succesfully booted the device with Armbian, lacking wifi support. I found out that LibreElec loads the module for rtl8723bs and works fine. So now I'm looking into compiling that module for the kernel. Another thing I noticed is that the kernel "sees" only 1GB of RAM, not 2GB of RAM. But those are things I will try to workout once I manage (if I manage) to compile the kernel succefully . Thanks again for your patience and dedication. If you need any information from my device let me know. Once I get all working I would let you guys know!
  2. HI @fabiobassa! Thanks for your reply! It would't let me post in the same day, sorry for the delay. It's similar to the link you posted. And yes, I tried multitool wich booted propperly, although i have to force maskrom mode after flashing the Armbian image because the device won't boot at all or show any signs of life. About uboot and trustos, I didn't find any directions in how to extract them and pair them with Armbian. I just don't have enough knowledge to figure it out myself. Again, thanks for your time!
  3. Hi everybody. I have a MK809IV PRO. Wich houses a RK3229 processor. I can successfully boot LibreELEC-RK322x.arm-9.2-devel-20200114140401-0bca75f-rk3228b-mk809iv.img on it. But was unable to make Armbian boot following the steps from @jock. I even tried to mix the images following (the best I could) the directions given by @hexdump. Since I can't find a uart port in my board, I cannot gather any information about why Armbian is not booting or showing anything on screen. If someone whoom succeeded like @Alessandro could give me a hint or provide me the image that they used for me to study I will be very gratefull. Off course, I must confess I am too noob and english is not my first language. Thanks in advance and excuse my ignorance if my post somehow breaks the rules or good practices.
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