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  1. @allen--smithee Thx for the mod tip, I'll do it when I move and have more time. For the time being I will writte myself a systemd service that apply patch (uncomment the script's traps) and when need for quite termintion, I will comment out the lines to have quite halt).
  2. @gprovost - Thx that indeed acomplish what I want. Question, what purpose does it serve? Making loud halting seems like a unwanted behavior. Also what side effects can I expect? the script is at /usr/sbin/fancontrol .
  3. Hi, I want to ask, if there's a way how to turn off Helios64 without the 100% fan spin. It only takes 1 second but it's very annoying when I want to turn it off during the night. Looking and No luck :Z
  4. kobol:~:% sudo hdparm -I /dev/sd[a-e] | grep level [sudo] password for frdm: Advanced power management level: 254 Advanced power management level: 254 Hi, the levels ar 254, which is by that APM value list @clostro posted a reserved value. Maybe if I set a non spindown value it might solve the testing issue, I might try next time I want to run longtest.- It was just Armbian 21.02.1 Buster with Linux 5.10.12-rockchip64 image installed recently, so everything is somewhat default.
  5. Mystery solved! After I discovered that smart tests succeeds in Windows WD WinDTF tool and fail the same manner on different machine with Archlinux I knew the drives are the incompatibility with smartctl. The issue with while true; do dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/null count=1; sleep 60; done was that it did not prevent the disk from sleep due to WD Gold drives having 256MB of buffer ssd cache. To prevent this the dd has to have iflag=direct so it wont go to sleep and really don't understand why. But even better solution is to query sma
  6. Hi, sorry to reply after such long time, the forum rules allows newbies to make 2nd post after 24h. @Gareth Halfacree thx for tip, there was no DRDY event in dmesg after running the test. I've also tried to move /dev/sdb from SATA 2nd position to SATA 3rd possition. No effect. @gprovost yes I'ved added the line, and this is how the ambianEnv.txt looks like at /boot now The test are still being interrupted. ``` verbosity=1 bootlogo=false overlay_prefix=rockchip rootdev=UUID=e4e3bcd6-3f03-4362-bbe0-f1654138c5d8 rootfstype=ext4
  7. Hello, I've bought 3 new identical drives and put 2 of them in the Helios64 and 1 onto my desktop. I ran smartctl longtest+shortest on both drives simultanously but all of them were aborted/interupted by host. `# /usr/sbin/smartctl -a /dev/sda` Output: On my desktop the longtest from smartctl succeeds without error and all 3 drives received the same care, I just bough them and installed them, so unlikely the drives are physically damaged. The complete diagnostic log: So anyone got an idea