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  1. Hi all, I just switched back from LE to armbian for my box. There is one question regarding /dev/zram1, it is almost full so that I can do nothing even apt update. I know there is option to disable zram log which will write log files to /var/log directory within the NAND storage. Is it safe for NAND lifetime if log files are written to NAND instead of zram?
  2. Hi all, I'm trying to compile open vfd driver for my tx3 mini tv box. It's running Armbian buster with kernel version 5.9.0. Here is what I've done so far. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  3. @fabiobassa thank you for that idea. Will take a look at it.
  4. Thank you jock! It explained a lot. I managed to disable it forever by modifying the device tree file.
  5. Hi, In the mean time @jock is investigating the problem with legacy uboot, I'm happy with using my box now. After setting options in rk322x-config with led-conf1, I got the solid blue led on. It's not quite comfortable at night time. I would like to ask if there's a way that I can disable the led? Thank you
  6. Hi @jock, Play around with rockchip tv box is always such an interesting thing. I tried to boot off usb drive with 3 types of image: 1) same with image flashed into NAND (buster legacy) --> Armbian could boot from usb drive 2) focal legacy image --> could not boot armbian just ignored the usb drive and booted right from NAND 3) Multiboot --> could not boot, armbian just ignored the usb drive and booted right from NAND
  7. Hi @jock Thank you for the hints and for your all hard work. Finally I managed to boot the system from NAND. After a bit digging up, I tried this gpt partition table config and bingo! I'm happy now despite the cpu temp is a little weird for me. Secondly, booting Armbian from USB also works like a charm. But unfortunately, Multitiool did not have that luck. I guess Multitool would require more investigate from you. I'd like to know the reason for that, too Once again thank you and @fabiobassa as well.
  8. @jock hi jock, Thank you for helping me so far. I tried to boot multitool from usb drive but no luck. Mount usb device and write log into it --> no luck. Here is screenshot for what I did.
  9. Hi @jock Thanks for your kind support. I created stripped image just as you guided but the result was the same. Kernel kept asking about the UUID not existing. I tried a lot with other build versions but no luck. I thought it was about the /etc/fstab or boot/armbianenv.txt but I think I was wrong. There must be something else that I cannot figure it out.
  10. Hi @fabiobassa @jock Thank you for your help. Here is what I've tried so far. 1) put back again loader. 2) write legacy uboot and trust images (from bsp folder in multitool) @2000 & 4000 sectors respectively. 3) create gpt partition in rkdeveloptool. --> called rkdeveloptool --> succeeded. (1 partition system) 4) write armbian.img @8000 with rkdeveloptool (removed first 4MB in gparted or something, I'm not so sure about this) 5) plug in power cord and the monitor was up! But I only got this I guess I'm so close to success. Could you please guide me how to strip away first 0x2000 sectors of armbian.img? I admit that I'm pretty noob at linux thing. Or what am I doing wrong?
  11. @fabiobassa thank you for replying. I just realized that my box had only NAND but not eMMC. Such an irony! Can I ask is there any way that I can flash partitions instead of the whole image or can I boot it from usb. If so, can you please give me an instruction on that? Thank you!
  12. Hello, I had a RK3229 box without an SD card slot, so I decided to use rkdeveloptool to flash into eMMC. Everything has gone OK. Here is what I do But the device got stuck in Maskrom mode no matter why. I tried a lot but no success. Maybe somebody can help me out. Thank you in advance.
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