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  1. Hello, My mic works on my laptop, but I tried to do the computer, but the mic is not working. I tried a troubleshooter, allowing audio to be recorded. I have tried to reinstall the drivers, but nothing seems to be working. Even after doing a lot of research, the solution was not found. Then after going to the settings, after looking at the setting of the microphone, it came to know that the microphone needs permission to run in the device which was disabled. At the same point, after I have given permission in the settings, the microphone was not working due to not givin
  2. You can also try this Once 1 : Please check the connectivity through other OTG cables / adapters. 2 : Please check connectivity through other pen / flash drives. 3 : If the problem still persists, please update the software 4 :If the problem still persists, please test by formatting your device.
  3. If apt-crawl is slowing the crawl or even stopping, read about the IPv6 fix that will keep your server and desktop running smoothly.