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  1. I have reviewed the linked issue. Not sure it matches my issues. Meanwhile i tried a different bluetooth module and it has the exact same issue. Logs here: Does anyone know if there is a forum for pulse audio support or something similar?
  2. Thank you for letting me know. The uploaded diagnostic info is at
  3. Hey everyone, I am using a odroid c2 board with Armbien Buster image. I have a cheap bluetooth dongle and a usb sound card connected to the board. I am trying to use the board as bluetooht to aux input for my car. The board is working as expected when the a2dp profile is in use. But as soon as i place or receive a phone call i am getting garbage sound(garbage meaning a bunch of click like sound) after a while my phone drops the bluetooth connections and gives the sounds to earpiece on the phone. Also when the phone call places my syslog gets filled with "Bluetooth: hci0: SCO packet