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  1. Well I am getting closer. I just need to make the dts bind vop correctly or recompile the fb.ko when I figure it out. There doesnt seem to be a way to pass parameters at boot. I have decompiled an android zImage so I will spend some time with that...
  2. I have a Measy (R-BOX) U4C rk3188. Before I recycled it I thought I would try to get a linux kernel running on it and found this these posts. I experimented with Armbian_21.02.0-trunk_Rk3188_focal_current_5.10.6_xfce_desktop.img from 13JAN. (Thanks Balbes!) It boots with rk3188-rbox-cs968.dtb and most everything works but the video ouput is color shifted. So HDMI video output is fine but the colors wrong and HDMI audio is not working. I took apart the Android firmware that was on the thing but with a V3 kernel without uboot it is kind of difficult to see into the kernel. I assume t