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  1. Sorry for the delay but since it was my first post I wasn't allowed to post an update yesterday. I actually tried multiple kernels with same results. The one in the file posted was the last I tried. I reset to the latest kernel and got the same results. The updated system information is here: https://dpaste.org/7J6x
  2. Install of Armbian 21.02.2 Buster with Linux version 5.7.15-meson64 and gpiod package installed on the Odroid N2 does not work for gpiomon. The gpiod command gpioinfo and gpioget work fine. Gpiomon fails with message "No such device". Searching for hours I believe the issue is that interrupts have not been assigned to the gpiopins, so appropriate devices don't exist. Any information on when/how to get a fully functional gpiod and associated python package going. Python code using python3-libgpiod also fails on the line.request function with the same "No such device" error.