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  1. Elclaudio, you're a legend. Shoved ye olde uboot on and bam... eth0 is back. Thank you!! Not a fix, but it's enough of a workaround for my needs.
  2. I've been experimenting with the couple of different images I had lying around. Oddly, the initial ones that had working ethernet [disclaimer: no screenshot.. anecdotal evidence ] no longer do. The official ODROID-C2 image from Hardkernel is fine (no surprise there) BUT interestingly, the IP I had delivered via DHCP is different to the one I had before eth0 disappeared. My router's DHCP table shows some... interesting behaviour. The bottom entry is the Hardkernel image that works. The top one was my functional Armbian image before eth0 decided to PHY off. [ignore th
  3. Same problem here, ODROID-C2 - worked when I built it off the image Armbian_21.02.1_Odroidc2_focal_current_5.10.12_desktop.img, but after a couple of apt updates the ethernet is gone. Currently working around with a USB network dongle... far from ideal.
  4. Having same issue here. ODROID-C2, initial install of Armbian worked fine but after update same PHY error messages.