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  1. I forgot to get back here sooner. It turns out, I didn't need to mess with kernels at all. I just needed to edit boot.ini, and change the variable cs2enable from false to true. This causes a few overlay files to be loaded and from there, the display and fan work fine.
  2. Well, I just bought a CloudShell direct from HarkKernel in South Korea. It was delivered and assembled. However, the LCD display - a major selling point - is non-functional. It appears to require a kernel module specific to the odroid xu4 specific kernel, that isn't available in the stock kernel. I am attempting to compile a 4.x.y kernel from hardkernel sources. So far, 4.14 doesn't appear to work. I want to run Open Media Vault 6, but currently, it only supports Armbian Bullseye, not any Ubuntu, etc. Armbian/OMV works for everything except he LCD. I am attempting to remedy the issue, but it will mean downgrading my kernel, which may cause other issues. Fingers crossed. Going to try an even older 4.x.y kernel.
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