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  1. Oh, okay then, thanks for the answer anyway It's not a big deal, I was just thinking, maybe I did something wrong and could fix it software-wise. No more questions then :-) Thanks
  2. Hi there, first of all big thanks to this community, what you're doing is awesome :-) Here is my question: I have Scishion v88 4k TV box, it had android 7 I've installed Armbian Buster legacy kernel 4.4.y on nand Configured network, rn it has OctoPrint, Klipper, working webcam etc. No questions, its all working great. But whenever I try to reboot it, it doesn't start up back, I gotta replug the power supply for a few sec, only then it starts up back. While it was on Android, it did the reboot correctly. Maybe it's something about exactly this model of tv box that does not let it to reboot on its own, it doesn't have an on\off buttons, so whenever I use it, I have to manually plug in the power supply and when I shut it down, manually unplug it. I think in the future I would use wifi smart socket for it, but I was wondering, if I could do anything about it using armbian configs or something. Should I upload logs or something? Which ones?) As far as I'm concerned, this is the specification of this board: Here are few photos of this board: (couldn't insert it by standard "insert image from URL", sorry Thanks a lot.