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  1. My Board IS R69 2GRAM 16GROM I need Frimware For This Board I tested This File H3-R69-MXQ-S-MXQ4K-8PD3-1.1.4 But Wifi and Sound Not working Please Share With Me .img file
  2. Hi Dear Friends I have Sunvell R69 New version with Ram2 G Official Frimware IS android IS 10 I tested H3-R69-MXQ-S-MXQ4K-8PD3-1.1.4 This frimware Wifi and Sound Not Working Tested T3CH-ASSIS_H3_Stock Rom R69-H3-Allwinner_T3CH-ASSIS All Rom Wifi and Sound Not Working Any Fimware For Share With me ??? To fix this Problem ???? please Help ?
  3. Hi Dears Now whitch File Or Version Suggest For sunvel R69 work fine and No bug ? I used Android 7.1.2 But Fimware Have bug i need Ok Frimware that write to SD cand and plug to my R69 boax and flashed Device Please help me
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