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  1. Mine BPI will not work with armbian. (But still working with an old lubuntu version). I've managed to boot the kernel, via USB or tftpboot (even with an NFS mouted rootfs) and now it's hangs after a couple of "running /scripts/local-block..... done" messages. Maybe i've an old HW version of the board or something like that. I give up ! Thanks for your time an tips
  2. Which version armbian you're using on your banana-pi. Then i will try it on mine.
  3. Thanks.... i've tried several versions and none of them will boot correctly. (and with several SD cards from different manufaries) Tried debian and ubuntu versions. 20.11, 5.75, 5.65, 5.59, 4.14.... With a lot of 'tweaking' in the u-boot part, i've got one version (4.14.65) starting (in a combo SD-card and USB-stick!!), but without an graphical desktop. Is there someone in the world, who has a working version of armbian, running op a banana-pi (M1) and if yes, please tell me the version you use. preferably a desktop version. Thanks in advance b.t.w. is it po
  4. Hi, i'am desperate with my banana-p1 M1. It is (still) running nicely with an old 'Lemaker' Lubuntu version. But its an old linux version and the are 'iceweasel' issues in combination with https. So, it's a good time to use a (much) newer version of linux. I've tried several versions/downloads of Armbian: debian, ubuntu. I've tried different (tested with F3write/read) SD cards. Used several methods to 'write' the SD-card(s), like 'dd' or the etcher-tool.... ALL results have the same problem. (i've got an picture of the screen, but i can't upload it to this forum???) In sort, it say's: