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  1. Ok. I don’t think customs is a problem because it’s like receiving a computer from a friend, not buying from a shop. I will check. Where do you live in which city and suburb?
  2. Hi Folks I am selling my KOBOL64. It is completely brand new. It has never been switched on, when I received it we had just bought a new house and we were busy with the move. I took it out of the box once to take a look and then got stuck into a renovation project at home and ended up forgetting about the NAS until recently. My house renovations are not finished and I will not have time to tinker with this for many more months so am selling it. I have the extra SSD bay holder purchased? I am located in Australia and can send anywhere. MORAL of the story, think hard before renovating your house and then consciously decide not to renovate.
  3. Hi Folks I am about to set up my helios64 nas on an imac mini m1 or an older intel imac mini. Buying the NAS was risky for me as I am a newbie to Linux. Nevertheless fortune favours the brave and all that. I am having difficulty finding the optimal set up of my helios64 NAS Do I buy a m.2 sata ssd and 4 western digital red pro hard drives? Do the hard drives have to be identical? Assuming I am buying Western Digital WD Red Pro NAS 4TB HDD, WD4003FFBX whats the best m.2 sata to pair up with these? I do have the 2.5 inch adapter.
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