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  1. With multitool step 4 we did these instructions.Then we could able to find nand chip.Today we are going to install legacy image with multitool without erasing.Jock wrote something about the solution here but we removed oflag after his commands. Final commands are here to recover nand chips. step1 mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt step2 dd if=/mnt/bsp/legacy-uboot.img of=/dev/rknand0 bs=4M seek=1 step3 dd if=/mnt/bsp/trustos.img of=/dev/rknand0 bs=4M seek=2 step4 sync step5 exit enter after steps
  2. Hello again.And i'm sorry to say this but i was wrong at something.We generally installed rk322x boxes with multitool before.Installing way was as 1-erasing flash 2-burning new image after erasing flash.We were successfull at most boxes but some of them was i think(i rechecked the installation guide and some links at forum) including nand chips.After erasing nand boxes we were losing control of internal memory.After trying these commands at below at multitool command line(4. choice) we are able to see nand again.Anyway,thanks for you for all things and being at here. mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt dd if=/mnt/bsp/legacy-uboot.img of=/dev/rknand0 bs=4M seek=1 dd if=/mnt/bsp/trustos.img of=/dev/rknand0 bs=4M seek=2 sync exit
  3. Unfortunately multitool is just for older kernels(4.4).Box not recognizes multitool.This box needs mainline kernel but i can't see emmc install menu.
  4. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s2WFIbjdPvKtZsPvXN2k794kaXtG53AQ/view Hello everyone.i'm the follower of armbian and using it's rk322x version about 1-2 years.i used to use kernel 4.4 so far and tried mainline kernel too.i need help about the above tvbox.MXQ_RK3229_EMCP_V3.1 .when i erase rom with android tool for windows i could be able to boot it from sdcard with mainline kernel.But i can't install armbian to emmc with armbian-config (install to emmc menu disappears or no exist).i used usb male to male cable too but no way.i found a topic at this link too.i asked there too.waiting there too.But i'm hopeful from here at first.https://www.clubedohardware.com.br/topic/1523441-como-dar-umbrick-na-tv-box-mxq-rk3229-v31/ Please help me about this subject.i'll be very glad to learn howto install it to emmc.Thanks
  5. Yes i read those many times.But i couldn't find a way.i tried usb male to usb male cable way too.i found this link about this box. https://www.clubedohardware.com.br/topic/1523441-como-dar-umbrick-na-tv-box-mxq-rk3229-v31/ i asked there too and waiting answer.Can you help me please?i will be so glad to you.Thanks.
  6. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s2WFIbjdPvKtZsPvXN2k794kaXtG53AQ/view Hello everyone i need help about the above tvbox.MXQ_RK3229_EMCP_V3.1 .we get black screen when we plug the mainline kernel sdcard and power on tvbox.when we plug kernel 4.4 sdcard we can't install to emmc.is there anyway to install armbian to this tvbox's emmc?Please help me.
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