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  1. I just tested out the Test Build (5.12.10) using the eMMC module and sadly it still did not boot properly. @piter75 how did you get on? Did you ever manage to be the mainline u-boot patch in for the RockPro64 SBC? Thanks!
  2. I'm having this issue, and sadly it seems like for my use case I need the newer Linux kernel (some Docker images). Currently I'm getting the behaviour as follows. Micro SD Debian 4.4.y - boots Debian 5.10.y - boots eMMC Debian 4.4.y - boots Debian 5.10.y - blank screen never even seen any boot logs I do hope this gets fixed in the future as I would like to keep using my eMMC module but I know the Armbian team doesn't get paid and sadly the Pine64 team does not do any software support (sadly I've made the mistake of buying from them twice now). When the NAS box works it is good but there is just so much trial and error to get to a working and supported Linux going on it. 😞
  3. I have a RockPro64 and I'm having similar issues (completely blank screen when using eMMC vs booting fine with SD). I'm keeping an eye on this thread and I've been fighting with this same issue recently. I've come back to Armbian after using a different community Linux (that no longer seems to be updated) and I was pleasantly surprised how nicely the 4.4.y worked out of the box using the eMMC module. After running into issues on the older kernel I had to upgrade and have been fighting to try get 5.10.y working. I finally found something about using an SD card instead of the eMMC module and it worked! Thanks for all that participated in this thread, I'm hoping a future version has this patch so I can go back to using the eMMC module instead. 🤞