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  1. @jockI am happy to contribute to the community. Here I am still trying to find a way to revive my box.
  2. @jock Is the multitool backup image functional ?
  3. @ fabiobassa You can be sure about the resistor. This method is interesting, but I don't have an oscilloscope to try. Just a multimeter that measures low frequencies.
  4. No, I got Multitool backup files, dtb, dts, Android Tool Image before bricking when original Android yet was installed. This links are with this files. Multitool don't work more after bricking. Now here show red led, no more blue led blinking and no image to TV/Monitor (hdmi) when power on tv box using Multitool on SD card. It must be a few days before I get one. In the meantime, I'm going to look for it and maybe someone got it and posted it somewhere how to force maskroom mode. Thanks.
  5. Yes. I did here on this link a Multitool backup image and resend Android Tool image again but I don't know if it work. The mmcblk2boot files I get with dd command. The dtb and dts files (don't works here) I got using Termux on Android. I don't know if this will interest you. I soldered a wire to the ground and placed a 1k ohm resistor on the other end to look for the eMMC clock pin. I don't know if I should use a lower value to be able to find it. But my concern is to cause a short and burn some port on the chip. I don't know what the technique is to look for I don't know this method. You could put a link here showing how I should proceed to achieve this. Edit: Include comment about mmcblk2boot, dtb and dts files.
  6. Thanks for this tip !!! I have the firmware image here that I extract with the Android Tool: After that, my device bricked yesterday, when I tried to put the RK3328 firmware. ... I did a stupid method !!! Now I can't get it to be recognized by USB, even if I press the button with the toothpick inside the AV connector. I took some pictures of the pcb and as it only has a badge chip, I can't do the EMMC pin to force the Maskroom mode. I didn't find anyone who did this for this box. I'm a little lost.
  7. I have a Q2 Mini Rk3318 box and installed this image: Armbian 21.08 - Ubuntu Focal desktop [xfce] - mainline kernel 5.10.34. It works well on the first boot, but when doing the second boot, the system starts and before loading the desktop it is in black screen with the blinking cursor in the upper left corner.
  8. I tried this 2 dtb files and i get only a led blue blinking ... but this multitool link showed above boot normally
  9. You are right. The other link below also contains the roms. Thank you.
  10. hi @lucky62 !!! the link to Arbiam image is broken. Can you suggest another link?
  11. @LambertI imagine you share the step by step how you managed to install Armbiam. I read everything but only managed to make the multitool work on my Mini Q2 - rk3318. Please help me !!!
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