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  1. I have read user manual and I opened it again. I didn't find what you mentioned anywhere, only that it can be powered in both ways. But I will believe, that OTG might not be the best option to power it. I am no electrician, so if it wont boot when powered in barrel jack input, then I, most likely, will get rid of it.
  2. I don't have any cooling. I tested at night, when air temp is around 20c. That stresstest went just fine before, when I was powering it whit Samsung charger. Temps was hi, as expected, but no power issues. Board have AXP805 chip, and according to schematics ( ), also info I found before on sunxi wiki, power from OTG and barrel goes both straight to AXP805. Something went wrong, most likely AXP805 is damaged.
  3. Seems like my opi3 board have died. I was testing boards operation whit powerbank ( and after I ran stress test (stress --cpu 4 --io 4 --vm 4 --timeout 60s) to test if there is issues whit power delivery, board just turned off and I cant turn it back on. Board was powered on OTG port. I contacted Xunlong and board seems to be dead, they have no suggestion what else I can do. Ok, ill have accepted that, but my question is, why did it happened? My theory is that powerbank, for some reason, provided 9v or 12v, so that burned the board. But why? It was opi fault, or powerbanks fault? Maybe armbian issue?
  4. I use self build trunk version whit disabled kernel update for a while now. Besides bugs that are already known it is stable. I have installed BIND9 as a local slave authoritative DNS server and it is up 24/7. If devs need any logs from me let me know.
  5. Change SD card, I had similar issue. opi have stated in manual that good quality (Sandisk) card is required, this was their replay on git under this issue. Good quality is a broad term, but that Kingston I had what buggy on this board, worked fine on other SBCs. Other the same model and capacity card works fine thou.
  6. In newest builds i cant find devfreq folder. Any other way how can I set GPU governor and fix frequency?
  7. Well, in the end I ordered opi3, not rk3399 based board for reasons. Now I'm trying to setup panfrost. True panfrost driver I got only from Hirsute, building like this: Panfrost is enabled in kernel. Driver seems to be working (performance as expected), but after installing a few apps (looks like minetest is causing this) X is no longer working. Login screen on xfce loads, but glitchy, after signing in I got black screen. Other desktop environments just show black screen or crashes (budgie), I tried almost all of them. In logs I noticed this: I have read on forums that changing gpu governor might help, but i have no idea how to do that. Can anyone help? dmesg syslog kern.log lastlog
  8. Tnx all for answers, I appreciate it. Any further general questions about SBCs I will ask in general forum section.
  9. I don't see any new commits lately on sources, so most likely no.
  10. Hello. I'm planning to buy this board and I'm wondering how is board working right now? According to Sunxi wiki mainline feature set is quite complete, but as a new SBC user I don't know much about how they work and I can misjudge development status. I'm interested using OPi 3 as light desktop machine, video playback device and network device. I have no doubts about network performance, but can anyone enlighten me in desktop usage? Youtube playback and light internet browsing i care the most.