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  1. Why bother with this garbage? Get a proper machine with PROPER software instead of this waste of time
  2. eh eh, as expected. All you're saying is bs. and none of your solution is working. I tell you the only one solution out there: throw this piece of garbage in the bin and get a RPI.
  3. I've found this old thread https://forum.armbian.com/topic/6757-wake-up-on-gpio-pins/ where you said that "h3fakeoff works out of the box on a legacy kernel, while on mainline you need to secure boot." What do you mean with secure boot? how can I enable it? If I run from the command line all I get is an error
  4. That's the last straw. yeah, software that at least works we have different opinions about what's critical. A device that remains on when not needed is a waste of energy what a nice solution, fits perfectly to the philosophy of this community!
  5. Well, if this is the best board, then I will definitely put it in the trash and move again in the RaspberryPi world. It's so much better and functional, and the last one is also much more powerful than any other OrangePi junk. I bought this because at the time it was slightly better than the Raspberry 2. For me a board that doesn't support even the most basic stuff (in this case a simple proper shutdown) is only good for the trash.
  6. So, no solution? Unbelievable! What a junk board! This is the last time I put money on a chienese junk like this
  7. I know this. What I want to achieve is to turn off at least the monitor. If I from tty type "setterm -blank force" the monitor goes off, but if I type "sudo setterm -blank force && sudo poweroff" the screen turns off and then back on and stays on. Why? Is there a command that survives the halt without turning the monitor back on again? None of the solutions posted here https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/48973/execute-a-command-before-shutdown worked.
  8. So, here is the problem: I'm running the latest version of Armbian buster on an Orange PI PC+2E and as you know this piece of crap doesn't even support a proper shutdown function: all what is does is "reboot: system halted" and the screen remains on. Is there a way to turn the screen off (at least) after system halted? maybe a script that runs right before shutdown ? I've reas several discussion but non of the solutions worked
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