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  1. Thanks for the advice guys, i tried adding the user but it didn't help. after much searching and trying lots of stuff (that ultimately screwed my install and led to me needing a fresh install!) i found a solution, or at least a big part of it. when vpn is connected, i run the below and hey presto! and i am routing through VPN, VPN IP shows in whats my IP, and i can reach the geo locked sites i could not get to before :-) sudo route add default dev tun0 still a big learning curve for me, and the complete re-install (the third in a week ha ) is giving me some confidence that i can get all back without to much trouble and reasonably fast. ive learnt a lot although still scratching the surface. just need to work out how to auto start the VPN on boot up then have some post script run the command to set the default route to tun0 (the setting in network manager applet does not persist, and does not even survive a close and re open let alone a reboot, same with my user or root) Anyhow... thanks for the advice
  2. HI All, Brand new user to Armbian, and fairly new user to linux here! running Debian bullseye desktop version, downloaded and install about a week ago.... First off, loving what Armbian has done to my old S912 box, thanks very much for this fantastic image! i have been able to get it all set mostly the way i would want and have set up a nextpvr back-end server that is working very well feeding other 'kodi' boxes dotted around the house. on to my issue, hopefully it is something easy to address, i have set up openvpn using the network manager gui, and it connects just fine, and 'tun0' shows as connected, however, no traffic appears to actually route through the VPN. if i go to whats my ip, it shows the IP from my ISP regardless to weather the VPN is connected or not. i tried googling for advice, but could not find anything specific for Armbian, i did find lots of differing advise aimed at Debian and Ubuntu. but when i tried to follow some of the advice i either could not find files i was directed to , or didn't get the output in terminal i was expecting, i'm. very new to this. if anyone has any advice i could follow to try to understand why this is happening and how to address it would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
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